Pre-PA Coach

I am pleased to announce that I have joined Savanna Perry and the PA Platform team as a pre-PA Coach!



Now that you have received your interview invite, let me help you rock your PA interview! Click the button below to schedule an appointment with me ⤵️

Schedule Appointment

Doing a mock interview will prepare you for the type of questions that will be asked and help calm your nerves.  

What’s included:

  • 60 minutes total with me, a practicing ENT PA
  • Personalized interview experience based on your application
  • Tips and techniques for your specific interview
  • 20 – 30 minutes of questions
  • Feedback following Q&A session
  • Written report with questions, answers, and feedback
  • Instructions to record interview session on Windows or Mac

For more information on what other services we provide, check out: The PA Platform!

If you don’t see any availabilities, please e-mail me: ngan@thepaplatform! My schedule is flexible and I am willing to work with you for your interview needs!