2020 PA Holiday Gift Guide

While the holidays feel a bit drab this year, I wanted to share some of my favorite items for those that plan on doing a bit of shopping this weekend or items that you may want to request as holiday gifts this season. I’ve got you covered from head to toe… literally!

  1. Stoggles: I signed up for these originally as a kickstarter member AND only recently sent them out to have my actual prescriptions fitted. I cannot wait to start wearing them in clinic and around the hospital. It IS such a pain to wear glasses AND goggles in addition to masks these days. It is not too late to sign up with an early bird price and get 60% off!

  2. Chi Spin n Curl Hair Wand: I shared this tool some months ago and laughed about how bad I was as a beauty guru. Seriously, why are you asking me for advice? BUT, for someone who wants pretty waves, but lazy AND cannot bother to deal with burning herself, this is a MUST HAVE tool! In fact, I think I even got some of you on the Chi Wand train.

  3. Weighted blanket: I’ve had mine for several years, but this is definitely one of my favorite products at home. I suffer from a bit of restless leg syndrome at night and these have done the trick. It’s also been shown that deep touch pressure stimulation from these blankets can help with anxiety. There are a variety of weights associated with these blankets, but personally, I wanted a heavier blanket and opted for the 15lb blanket.Catch these blankets on sale in your Black Friday ads (Kohl’s $16.99, Target $19.99)

  4. #HashtagMyProfession: Get yourself that new PA shirt, you won’t regret it! Support Black Owned, Woman Owned, Small businesses and do so while helping to expand underrepresented minority enrollment in all professions. Use code ‘ampersand25‘ for 25% of all products from 11/25-11/30!

  5. Sanita Clogs: There’s a new clog in town (actually, they’re the original Danish Clogs since 1907)! Each pair is designed and handcrafted for you by the Sanita shoemakers in Europe . As you’ve seen from my recent post, I absolutely LOVE my Mary Jane clogs! Use code ‘ampersand15‘ for 15% off your order.
    *Disclaimer: As a Sanita Clog Ambassador, I was provided a free pair of shoes in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.

  6. Instant Pot: Need I say more? I recently shared my KFC Fried Rice Hack and it was AMAZING! Get it on sale at most retailers/amazon this season for $69.99.

  7. Spotify: Must have for all my music lovers out there. I know this is a luxury, but I play music in the background when I’m working/studying. As a student, you can get a Spotify account for $4.99/month + tax PLUS access to SHOWTIME + HULU subscription.

  8. Pocket Passed: Coming soon! Pocket Passed: Physician Assistant is a powerful book that fits in your pocket, filled with 1,500 most commonly asked questions from the PANCE/PANRE blueprint to help you pass the boards and master your rotations.
    *Disclaimer: Contributor

  9. Phone Soap: I received this a few years ago. Didn’t use it much, but now, especially since I find myself gowning up and being in the hospital, I find myself using this product more often. I’m even tempted to bring it to work!

I know this holiday is definitely one for the books. Whether you are celebrating alone because you are protecting your loved ones, you’re stuck covering the holiday shift, or missing a loved one, as always, my heart is with you.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!


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