Moving Forward >>>


Well hello there! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last blogged.

2020 has been a mood. I think we all can agree on that. Early on in the pandemic, I realized the need to step up and inspire the prePA community. When so many opportunities for PA shadowing fell through, I thought it was a great opportunity to connect with pre-PAs through virtual shadowing.

While I’m thankful to have connected with so many pre-PAs, it also drew an interesting crowd that was following just for their “hours”. Some of these individuals went on to bombard my e-mails requesting “participation certificates” having no respect that I was a full time working individual who was giving up hours of my time and did not owe anyone anything.

Since then, there have been more individuals in the medical community who have stepped up to the plate to fill that need. After some thought, I’ve recently decided to close my AmpersandPA Mentoring page on Facebook and stop future virtual shadowing events. For those of you that are new and stumbled upon this, you can check old playbacks on my IGTV (

Although I still enjoy mentoring the next generation of pre-PAs, my passion has always been to educate others on ways to advocate for the profession and share medical pearls that I’ve learned along the way.

It’s hard to believe that I’m coming up on 7 years since I’ve applied to PA school. In fact, CASPA changed its application process the year after I applied! I’m so far removed from the current PA application process.

So if you’re looking for pre-PA advice, I’m not the PA to go to. My account was never a pre-PA account, to be honest. There are so many great PA accounts (@ThePAPlatform) who dedicate their entire feed to educating others on how to be a great PA applicant.

As far as my involvement with the pre-PA community, I rather focus my time on helping individuals who need a final polish before their big interview day. If your pre-PA club is looking for speakers, I’m still happy to chat about PA Advocacy or A Day in The Life.

I hope that you’ll still follow along. You know I always love to teach and will find a way to share interesting topics!


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