Virtual PA Shadowing FAQs

Given our current COVID situation, it pains me that I am unable to accept pre-PA/PA students for shadowing/rotations. My heart goes out to those that had rotations planned or scheduled shadowing opportunities that have now been canceled.

I saw through a Facebook Group of PAs that have been offering “Virtual Shadowing” and figured I’d join in on the action. And here we are… 5 sessions later!

I have received a number of students asking to join in on these Zoom sessions. Unfortunately, due to the cap of 300 participants, I am unable to accommodate everyone’s request. I’ve also heard horror stories about students signing up hours waiting for a spot and still can’t get into the meeting!

After a run-in with a few ungrateful students, I have opted to keep these sessions private for my personal mentees/PA students and stream the session via IGTV. So PA students, if you’re interested in attending, these sessions are made for you too! In the future, I will consider opening up the remaining slots and allow last-minute invitations (be sure to check out my IG story as it gets closer to the event time).

Where can you go to learn more about these events? For now, your best bet for events/news is to join my Facebook mentoring page.  Search “AmpersandPA mentoring“, fill out the membership questionnaire (please wait patiently as I do not catch up on my pre-PA stuff until the weekend)! If you do not answer the questions, you will automatically denied (this is tough love to teach you to follow directions…so if you’re busy, take a screen shot and remind yourself to visit the page when you have the time to join). To catch last-minute reminders or Zoom invitations, check out my IG story 5-10 minutes prior to the session time. Playbacks are not guaranteed and may later be uploaded for future playbacks  as an IGTV post. 

With that said, what will you get out of my “Virtual Shadowing” events?

  • Case Presentations: A mini PA school lecture with pre/post study questions, a case study, walk through of a physical exam, any procedures involved, assessment/plan and any fun pearls to take away from that particular topic.
  • A Day In The Life Series: Friends from different specialties join meto share about their journey from pre-PA to their current position! So far, I’ve had friends from OBGYN, Neuro, ID and GI! Up next: Urgent care, Family Med, Peds, ER, Urology + More to come!
  • What you won’t find: General CASPA questions – Things that can be easily answered on Google/pre-PA groups – i.e. “What classes should I take?” “Which PCE/HCE would you recommendNo… just no! It is a waste of time to ask a professional that (It’s rude and disrespectful really! In the age of Google, please do your own research or ask the lovely pre-PA community!)
    • Instead, I’m happy to answer questions such as “What are the pros/cons about your job?” “What piece of advice would you share with someone starting out in ‘X’ specialty?

The most common question I’ve been receiving is, “Does this count as shadowing? Sure? I don’t know.  I can’t promise that these hours can replace physical hours. If you’re  concern about the hours, my recommendation is to reach out to the programs specifically. Regardless, I assure that these sessions are educational regardless!

So with that said, how do I “claim” these shadowing hours on CASPA?

Experience: Shadowing
Organization name: AmpersandPA
Country: US
State: FL
Supervisor: Ngan Lam, PA-C

After many e-mails/harassment for “participation certificates,” I have decided to discontinue them altogether. I spend a lot of time planning to host these events. These certificates were never a requirement on my end, but courtesy for those participating. Again, you can find templates available online to document your hours (Check out this HCE/Shadowing Log from the PA Platform). You can also just keep track of your own log on Google doc/Excel spreadsheets.  In addition to this, programs are not necessarily interested in who/what you shadowed, but more so the experience that you took away. Provide a brief description of what you learned after a shadowing experience.

Thank you for your encouraging words and for allowing me to be a part of your PA journey! I know COVID has made it tough and the light may be dim at times, but keep fighting! I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling inspired and motivated to pursue your goals of becoming a PA!

Also, last, but not least a HUGE THANK YOU TO KRYSTAL!!! You are a rockstar!
These events would not be possible without Krystal’s help!

August update:
– Work has been very demanding and I have not been able to offer as many sessions as I would like. Moving forward, I will plan at least one session a month.
– For old playbacks, I encourage you to go to my IGTV page.
– Moving forward, all events will be posted on the FB AmpersandPA Mentoring page.


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