Monday Motivation

So I meant to write this as a Mother’s day post, but that didn’t happen…

And it’s okay. I’m tired of putting unrealistic expectations/non-sense deadlines, because quite frankly… who cares!? We should celebrate parent’s/family day all day err’ day! Am I right?

Since today is also Monday, I figured I can combine this as a #MotivationalMonday post.

The other day I had someone ask me on IG live what my parents thought when I told them I was going to PA school instead of pursuing medical school. I laughed because, in some ways, my mom is not the typical “Tiger Mom.” Growing up, of course, my parents wanted me to do well in school and as the oldest child in the family, I’ve learned that I put a lot of (sometimes unrealistic) expectations on myself. My mom did not want me to pursue anything in the medical field. Her answers were always, “I’m selfish. I want you to spend time with me and not be on call.”

My journey to PA is in some ways was non-traditional. I knew that I always wanted a career in medicine, but I didn’t know what role exactly. It wasn’t until halfway through my MPH did I realize that PA was the right fit for me over med school.

When I told my mom that I wanted to pursue another degree, she asked why. “You’re fine! You’ll soon have a master’s degree! Why do you need another degree?” In my heart, I just wasn’t satisfied. I knew I could do more. I knew I could invest a few more years in my education and truly make a difference in my community.

Regardless, my mom supported me every step of the way and every crazy plan I had. She was my rock during PA school and the amount of stress I put that woman through. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her!



Over the years, I’ve had some naysayers. I even recall my senior year of college when a counselor advised me NOT to pursue a master’s in public health and consider getting a medical science masters instead. I recall this individual telling me, “You’ll never go into medicine if you deviate from the path.” Well, I’m here to prove you wrong!

At the end of the day, you have to do what you want! March to the rhythm of your own beat. As long as you know the passion is there and you are willing to put in the work, YOU WILL GET THERE. I repeat. YOU. WILL. GET. THERE.

What my page doesn’t show you is the 10 years of hard work from start to finish. But I never once gave up. When I fell down, I got myself back up and tried again and again.

So to answer the original question, how does my mom feel about me becoming a PA now? Simple. She couldn’t be more proud. She loves telling everyone I’m a PA and gets excited when her clients tell her they aspire to be a PA one day.

Whether it’s your family members that are not well educated on the PA role, it’s okay. Or to the program counselors who really have no idea about the requirements, commitment, and dedication it takes to become a healthcare professional, it’s okay. Don’t be disheartened. Remember, this is your journey. Your story. Do what makes you happy. Prove the naysayers wrong.

I’ve got your back!

With that said, I hope that those of you were fortunate to be home had a chance to celebrate with your mom! For those that didn’t, my heart is with you.  Sadly, living so far from my mom, we spent most of the day on FaceTime as I continued to keep my promise and social distance.


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