ENT & Telemedicine

It’s been three weeks since we were told to pre-screen our schedules for urgent/emergent patients. And here we are today! Adapting to something new as I completed my first week of telemedicine.

I spent an hour with my first telemed patient (whoops!). Working in outpatient ENT, there is only so many that we can see/do. I mean c’mon, we’re in the business of looking at holes (TINY HOLES)!

This week has been nothing short of growing pains, learning about billing compliance and testing my patience as I teach myself how to adapt to a new way of medicine.

With that said, I think we can all agree that COVID has really forced you to slow down a bit. For me, that means taking that extra step to check in with my patients. Ask them how they’re doing and see if I can help them answer any questions regarding COVID.

I’m also trying to focus on the silver linings. I decided to have fun with my visits and take the time with my patients to educate them. Although we’re currently in a pandemic, allergy season is still IN CHARGE (rain? where are you???), so I thought I’d have fun with a few demonstrations. Check out my telemed set up (rinse bottle & nasal spray included) below!

What are your pros/cons to telemedicine?

Let me know your thoughts below!

Stay safe & well!.


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