OtoSim Mobile Ambassador


I am pleased to announce that I have partnered up with OtoSim to become an OtoSim Mobile Ambassador!

I know that ears are a challenge. The whole “seeing the cone of light” practically means nothing outside of your physical diagnosis course. Working in ENT, I still find myself questioning what I’m seeing on a daily basis. I have been looking for ways to perfect my ear examination and I think I finally found a solution.

OtoSim is a great tool for anyone who is looking to learn/perfect the art of otoscopy while learning how to diagnose common ear pathologies. This is a great tool for both students and clinicians!

We are blessed to be in a time of medicine and technology. OtoSim has created a wonderful app that encompasses modern day technology (all with the convenience of using your phone) to train future clinicians.  Gone are the days of reading boring text descriptions from textbooks and looking at never-ending slides. This app is interactive and allows the individual to test their knowledge in a unique perspective.

As an ambassador, my goal is to provide you with some of the resources from OtoSim and incorporate them into future #TeachingTuesdays! 

I’ll be sure to write a more detailed review with some of my favorite features of the app soon. If you’re looking to improve your ear examinations and interested in purchasing OtoSim,  use promo code ‘Ampersand50’ for $50 off your purchase!




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