Case of the Week

What a week!

Saw my first ever 3-fer (siblings)! All new patient evaluations and to add to the mix, Mom is hard of hearing and dad is deaf! 😱

Also, what does this look like to you?

Posted with patient’s permission.

PCP thought this was an acute otitis media and treated with oral antibiotics because there were “loss of bony landmarks”. Well duh… patient had a tympanoplasty (repair of the eardrum) so of course, this won’t look like your typical eardrum. Another reason why history taking is so important!!!

So yes,  although this is an “ear infection” if you see this on physical exam, please don’t treat this as a typical otitis media! If anything, prescribe Ciprodex drops and refer to local ENT!

This is what we call granulation tissue (new tissue that occurs from wound healing) We used silver nitrate to cauterize (burn) the area and help promote better healing. The patient will return to see us in 3 weeks to follow up!

I’m hoping this is the start of something new!


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