Protect Your Profession

This is a topic that I’ve been asked several times, “What can ‘XX Academy do for me?” or “Why should I become a member?”

One of the biggest take-home messages I tell all of my interview candidates that are about to embark on the PA journey is to GET INVOLVED in your profession!

Yes, I saw the article U.S. News posted about the Best Jobs of 2018 and how PAs are ranked as the #1 healthcare job. That’s great! I’m thrilled that we are recognized as one of the best professions out there, however, my biggest problem with this is this false notion that our profession is so perfect – when it’s NOT

Now, I’m not bashing my fellow NP colleagues in any way, but when we really compare the future of PAs, I’m a bit concern. We don’t have strong support from practicing PAs and we pale in comparison to our colleagues when it comes to lobbying power.

So, you’re probably asking, “Well Ngan… how DO I get involved in our profession?”

The best thing that you can do for yourself and the profession is to join the American Academy of PAs (AAPA) and your very own PA State Chapter. These agencies are there to protect and back you up as a PA. They are the ones fighting for you to practice medicine the way that you are trained to do so!

Yes, I get it. These membership fees can be quite pricey,  but in the long run, this is an investment for our future! If you need proof to see how AAPA and PA State Academies are fighting on your behalf, check out this latest article on how efforts were used to stop rejection of PA prescriptions at a major-retail pharmacy here.

My philosophy is if you are not going to be the one going to your State Capitol lobbying for legislation that affects PA practice, PAY SOMEONE to fight those battles for you! Your membership dues will support lobbyists that are essentially meeting with your legislators to educate them on PA practice or dismissing legislation that can be harmful/damaging to the profession.


I missed out on Legislative Days last year as I was preparing for my boards. So I’m excited to rejoin FAPA next week as we attend our annual Legislative Days in Tallahassee next week. I’ll be back with an update soon!


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