PA Holiday Gift Guide


Struggling with what to get your favorite pre-PA/PA-S this holiday season? Here’s a guide to some amazing resources I used or wished I had during my PA journey!

There are so many great resources out there these days to help you perfect your personal statement and prepare you for your PA interviews.


  • my PA Resource provides several revision packages depending on your personal needs.
    • All essays are reviewed by certified PAs who are trained by current or former admission panels who knows what ADCOMs are looking for in their applicants.
  • The PA Platform is your one-stop shop for rocking your interview. Pick up the PA School Interview Guide or sign up for a personalized one-on-one mock interview. Use ‘AmpersandPA‘ for a discount.



  • What we all know and love to call, die-dactic (PA-S1) year. Here are some of my favorite resources that got me through my first year of PA school.
    • One of the best gifts to give any PA is the gift of protecting the PA profession. I was fortunate that my program paid for our AAPA/FAPA (FL PA State Chapter) memberships. The networking/ mentoring opportunities and just knowing that you are playing a role in protecting the profession is invaluable.
    • PANCE PREP PEARLSThe bible of PA studies.
    • Quizlet: Yes, it’s free, but Quizlet Plus allows you to study without ads and fewer distractions. You have the ability to record your own audio. Making the hour-long commute, I made use of my time effectively and often listened to my own recordings while commuting.


  • The new PA Rotation Exam Review book is going to be a game changer! Paul Gonzales from Dose of PA created the most perfect blog with tons of great resources during clinical year. This is a must have for any PA student starting clinical rotations! I could only dream of having this type of book when I was a student.
  • White Coat Clip Board – You can bet I had this thing in my lab coat pocket for every rotation. This foldable clipboard kept my notes in daily progress notes in handy and allowed me to take notes on any surface.
  • Suture Skills Suture Kit – One of the things I found challenging about clinical year is that you’re not only studying medicine, you also have to find time to practice medicine. When I took a break from studying the books, I would spend my time practicing suturing. Message me for a discount coupon on the suture kit. You can also read about my review on the kit here.
  • Rosh Review – One of the best gifts for your soon to be PA is a question test bank. Rosh Review has great images for those visual learners. Not only did I use it during clinicals, but it was my main study material for the PANCE. This is a must have for any soon to be grad!

And that’s a wrap on my PA Holiday Gift Guide! Hope you have a happy holiday season!


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