Post-PANCE Offering


Happy July!

I can’t believe June passed so quickly, but I’m sure glad it did! June was probably one of the roughest months of 2018 for me for the following reasons:

  1. I transitioned off my orientation schedule and survived my first month as a provider in clinic.
  2. I completed my month-long “offering diet.”

One of my goals when starting this blog was to share some of my cultural experiences. So here we go!

Growing up, my mom practiced Buddhism with a lot of ancestral offerings. Any time there was a large life event in our household, i.e. Lunar New Year, purchasing a home/business, …etc, my mom would go all out and cook a large meal as an offering, or purchase a pig/duck for an offering, to thank the gods and ancestors for guiding us to our success.

Multiple bowls and plates are arranged on the table filled with rice, veggies, protein and fresh fruit. She’ll light up multiple incenses, go out and pray (often times making me pray as well, stating my name, my age and what I’m thankful or hopeful for) and we’d wait until the incense burns all the way through before sitting down to enjoy the meal together.

So the news of passing the boards meant that I had to celebrate with an offering in some form. I opted to give up an entire month of meat (I just couldn’t give up eggs and cheese). It was a tough transition relocating for my job and with the conferences earlier in the year, I figured June might’ve been a better month to start. So that’s what I did!

Not sure if I made the right call. I traveled almost every weekend this month and it was a real challenge to prep my meals. I ended up tired and hangry most days.

Now, I don’t consider myself religious in any way. However, I do believe in paying it forward. I felt like I owed the universe for my success. Sure, you can make the argument that I rightfully worked hard and earned this based on my own merits. Either way, I felt obligated to do something both physically and mentally.

This is only the second time that I’ve gone on a diet. In May 2015, after my MPH graduation and receiving my official PA admission letter, I gave up a month of red meat and chicken. Going completely meat free this time around was extremely tough. But in the end, I’m proud that I was able to commit for an entire month. It just shows that with time and commitment, anything is possible!

Let me know if this post has inspired you in any way. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!




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