Post-PA School Travel

It’s hard to believe that I graduated 6 months ago! I took the boards a month after graduation and recall waiting anxiously for my PANCE results to come. Uneasy and a nervous wreck, my thoughts were circling as I was packing for my upcoming trip.  Based on previous score release dates, I anticipated finding my results on Thursday morning as I was halfway across the world,  scrambling to find the internet to log in and view my results. Then the morning finally came, 3 days ‘til my big trip home to the motherland aka Vietnam.

I typically go back home to visit my family in Vietnam after every graduation (~4-5 years). With the news of my PA program acceptance so late in the spring and the madness of my master’s graduation, I delayed my trip back in 2015.



But THIS was it! I knew that this was going to be my last chance to visit my 93 YO grandmother. Having family overseas makes it so challenging to visit and even more so when your family lives in the rural provinces (a solid 6-7 hour drive from Saigon).

Prior to accepting my offer, I spoke of my desire to travel and visit my family members before starting the job. Fortunately for me, the credentialing process took 3 months and my employer was super supportive and allowed me to delay my start date.

For any new grad, I highly recommend planning a trip for yourself before starting your first job! You won’t regret it!!! This is your chance to 1. celebrate your hard work over the years and 2. a chance to explore the beauty of this world!

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