PA Student Leadership/HOD Part II

IMG_7392Amber @studyinginscrubs reached out to me a few weeks leading up to AAPA 2018. It’s rare for me to connect with other young, passionate leaders, so I was excited to chat with someone that also shares similar goals.

We have talked in great lengths about the lack of student involvement… heck, even actual PA involvement in our profession. When you’re talking about other groups and their level of support/lobbying power, how can we even speak? We have NO support from those within our own profession!

I understand leadership is not for everyone, but once again, I encourage everyone to join their PA state academy and continue your membership with the Academy. Bonus points if you can donate money to the Political Action Committee. At the end of the day, my beliefs will always be: if you can’t fight the battle, pay money so someone else can fight the battles for you.

Here is a snippet of Amber’s story as a floor teller for the House of Delegate!

“The greatest leaders are those who seek to serve others surrounding them and allow themselves to be utilized as a tool in building up others to their highest potential. So as I continue on this journey through PA school I will keep searching for ways to serve others, to find the best place for me to be used as a tool to continue lifting up this amazing PA community. If I had won, I wouldn’t have this picture of me geeking out on the HOD floor experiencing where the big boys play and discuss issues PAs face across the country.

I was able to be a floor teller for the HOD. This means I collected voting ballots, ushered delegates onto the floor. It was one of the coolest experiences to hear some OG PA leaders and inspirational to see some younger PA delegates (shouts to @lifeasapa & ) from across the country, get up and discuss and debate.

It was such a powerful and moving moment for me to be there on the floor. It solidified my belief that as PA students there is so much work to for us to do beyond the classroom and we have SO MUCH to say that our PA leaders need to hear.”

Don’t underestimate your power as a PA Student. You have the ability to make change. The Student Delegates did a phenomenal job and had great representation in the house this year! We’ve successfully passed 2 resolutions written by students.

I’ll quote what the CEO said during the HOD General Session, “The impact of social media will increase over the next 5 years, where the next generation of millennials will take force.”

You have a voice. Use social media for change. Let’s start the discussion and let’s move the profession forward!

If you have any questions about how to get involved with AAPA House of Delegates, or more about challenges that affect PA practice, feel free to reach out! Another great resource to follow along is The Huddle.



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